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someone record jimmy fallon tonight and put it on YouTube I don’t have cable

jimmy fallon jimmy kimmel they were both snl at one point in time idc



I’m not crying.

1) two of my favourite bands = hold my hair, i’m dying

2) such respect for alex gaskarth, he’s such a mature museum so much respect


If you ever feel bad about mistakes you’ve made just remember the original drummer for Green Day left the band to go to college


Calum closing his eyes when singing Amnesia x

Michael Clifford: A day in the life of Calum Michael and Luke

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please stop being cute it makes my heart sad because i can’t nap with you

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what ashton is saying about the fam loving each other applies to tumblr too. all this anon hate, confession blogs etc. needs to end, its ridiculous. we’re all here for the same reason. I’m not saying everyone has to be best friends but I’m saying we should at least respect each other and be happy and bond over our love of music and the boys like we do except minus the dumb drama 


a little compilation of Andy Hemmings’ best tweets

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